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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Aconitum Napellus, Aconite

Aconite is an excellent remedy for sudden illness, aches, colds, coughs, sore throat, flu, chills and fever. Keep on hand for quick recovery after becoming ill following exposure to weather changes, such as very cold or very hot weather, exposure to dry winds or inclement weather.
Aconite helps with symptoms from sudden shock, fear, fright. 
Aconite is often used during the early stages of an illness, but can also be used for past trauma to rebalance. 
Indications include feeling apprehensive and agitated, tossing about in bed. 
Fear and restlessness seem to dominate the symptoms. 
Jacques Jouanny, M.D. describes Aconite with this description, "Fever of sudden onset, 
sometimes due to a sudden chill. The skin is red and dry. The patient is intensely thirsty for large quantities of cold water. He is restless and worried". 
Other Aconite symptoms include sneezing, croupy cough, throat that is red and swollen. 
Aconitum Napellus, or Aconite, is from the plant Monkshood. This plant has been used in the past as a poison for dipping arrows. Aconite's poison acts very quickly on the systems of the body. Treating with the homeopathic principle "similar with similar", Aconite is used in treating sudden symptoms. 
Homeopathy is unique in turning poisonous and toxic substances into safe medicines. Vibrational medicine without side effects.
An Aconite cold or headache won't creep up on you. Aconite's keynote is the child who's playing one minute and then very sick the next moment. 
Suddenly red face. Face pales when rising; Sudden sneezing; Croupy coughing; Restlessness, person appears anxious & frightened. 
Whether treating with Aconite for acute or chronic illness, look to a sudden cause. Use my Homeopathic Thinking technique of thinking back to the original stress or an event that occurred before the onset on a chronic condition.
Aconite also known as Aconitum Napellus and Aconite Nap. Abbreviation Acon. 

Keynote Symptoms Summary:
Suddenly red face. Face pales when rising;
Sudden sneezing; 
Croupy coughing; 
Restlessness, person appears anxious & frightened. 
Better from: evening time & night, warm room
cold winds, lying on affected side, music
Worse from: open air, lying down sweat, overheating 

Useful for:Key Symptoms:
 FEVERSudden violent onset, after exposure to cold, dry wind Restlessness
Bad effects of fright
 EYE INJURYAs first-aid, to diminish inflammation and relieve pain
Scratch on cornea
 DENTAL PROBLEMSFear of treatment
 SURGERYFearful anticipation
 COLDSFirst stages of common cold
Sneezing & dripping
Clear, hot, watery nasal discharge
Burning, sensitive throat
Throbbing headache
Roaring in ears
Eyes feel dry, hot & sandy
Averse to light
Eyes red, inflamed, watery
 COUGH/CROUPFirst remedy for croup
Constant short, dry cough
Sudden Onset during night, after exposure to cold, dry winds
Wakens soon after midnight with anxiety & croupy, barking cough
 EARACHEExternal ear painful, swollen, red, hot
Sensitive to noise
Frantic with pain
 COLICGas up and down
Intense thirst for cold water
 HEADACHEHeavy, throbbing, bursting pain
Sensation of fullness in forehead
Sensation of band around head
Feels as if hair were pulled or stood on end
Dizziness, worse on rising & shaking head
 URINARY  PROBLEMSBladder Infections
Painful urination
Anxiety at start of urination
Urine scanty, hot, red
Sudden retention of urine from chill or fright

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aconitum napellus it is very useful information in the world you have given very interesting news about it thanks
aconitum napellus

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