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Sunday, August 22, 2010



Useful for:Key Symptoms:
EMOTIONAL STRAINMentally & physically exhausted
GRIEFDisappointment, Contradictory symptoms
worry, shock, lump in throat,
Sad, sighing, moody, changeable
HYSTERIARapid alternation of mental and physical states
INSOMNIAFrequent waking
Long, troublesome dreams
Jerking of limbs on falling asleep
HEADACHEAs if nail driven through side of stooping head;
often follows anger or grief
INTOLERANCE OF TOBACCOProduces or aggravates headache
Better from:Hard pressure, Lying on painful side, Warmth, Walking
Worse from:Morning Emotions, Tobacco smoke, Coffee, Brandy, Strong odors

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