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Friday, August 27, 2010


Useful for:Key Symptoms:
Not relieved by vomiting
VOMITINGWith a clean tongue
Profuse salivation
Vomiting of much slimy, white mucus
NOSEBLEEDBright red blood
ASTHMASudden onset
Chest feels constricted
Wheezing, suffocating cough
Must sit up to breathe
Unable to bring up any mucus
COUGHIncessant & violent with every breath
HOARSENESSAfter a cold
May lose voice
DIARRHEAGrassy, green, frothy stool with cramping pains
PAINClutching; Worse at navel
PALE FACEBlue around eyes
Worse from:Lying down , Slightest motion,
Dry weather, Winter, Least exercise

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