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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Carbo Vegetabilis, Carbo Veg

Carbo Veg is from vegetable charcoal, well known for its ability to absorb toxins in the body.

Carbo veg is great for excess gas in your stomach, indigestion, bloating, belching.

Calm your digestive system from overeating, eating wrong foods, poorly or slow digestion, eating bad combinations of food.
Carbo veg is indicated for conditions from toxicity such as fatigue, constipation and diarrhea,
feeling under the weather with colds. Tinnitus with dizziness. Rattling cough.

Keynote Summary intestinal distention, sour burping, gas.
Weak digestion.
Sudden toxicity
Emotional negative, irritable or indifferent.
"Never well since....", effects of past illness.
General weakness, sudden collapse with cold limbs, and skin , clammy, blue.

Better From: after passing gas, belching
with fresh cool air, and craves fresh cool air milk.

Worse From: eating fatty foods
evenings, night lying down eating rich foods, poor food combinations, too much food, wine, coffee.

Carbo Veg
Useful for:Key Symptoms:
CHRONIC CONDITIONS"Never well since...." of past illness
Bad effects from excess loss of fluids
COLLAPSEChilly with air hunger
Bluish skin with cold, clammy sweat and cold breath
Limbs cold
DIGESTIONWeak Digestion. Even simplest foods disagree & turn to gas,
Much sour belching
Regurgitation of food
Abdominal distention with cramping pains, worse lying down
COUGHSpasmodic, rattling cough
Itching in throat
Gagging, choking and vomiting of mucus
Painless hoarseness, worse evenings
Loss of voice
EARTinnitus with dizziness

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