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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Calcarea Phosphoricum, Calcium Phosphorus

Calcarea Phosphoricum is usually referred to as Calcium Phosphorus, abbreviated Calc Phos or Ca Ph, is the #1 mineral for bones.

Homeopathic Cell Salts are useful on a regular basis to help with calcium absorption.
Important support for growing pains in youth.
Important support for thinning bones during menopause.
Helps solve the problem of hard to dissolve supplements and high Calcium blood levels, but low Calcium levels in the cells.

Calcium Phos is useful in numbness in extremities, painful joints, tooth decay problems.

Better From:Summer, warm, dry weather

Worse From:Symptoms aggravated by cold, damp weather, stress.
Changeable of weather
Mental exertion
Calcarea Phos, Calcium Phos
Useful for:Key Symptoms:
TEETHING DIFFICULTIESDelayed or painful teething
Calcium malabsorption
"GROWING PAINS"Pains in loints & bones
RHEUMATISMEspecially in cold weather; returns each autumn
HEADACHESEspecially of school children

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