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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Antimonium Tartaricum,Antimonium Tart

Antimonium Tartaricum or Antimonium Tart is made from a tartrate of Potash. 
Indicated for respiratory ailments.
Indicated for coughs that wheeze or rattle in the chest. Hard to bring up mucus, short of breath, suffocating. Helpful for chest and lung symptoms. 
Clarke's Materia Medica lists for Antimonium Tart-- "Frequent fits of obstructed respiration, especially in the morning, in the evening, in bed almost to the extent of suffocation. Shortness of breath. Difficult respiration. Anxious oppression of the chest. Rattling of mucus in the chest when breathing. Burning sensation in the chest, inflammation of the lungs." 

Chicken pox with large pustules, painful vesicules, eruptions with tendency to leave pock marks. 

Keynote Summary: 
Respiratory symptoms Rattling mucous. Lethargy, Trembling, Chills 

Better from: sitting up fresh air, burping 

Worse from: lying down, damp-cold weather warmth, milk, sour foods. 

Antimonium Tart

Useful for:Key Symptoms:
  ACNELarge pustules
  BRONCHITISBreathing sounds like person is drowning in their own secretions, Rattling, wheezing breath.
Looks ill, is pale with cold sweat
 CHICKEN POXLarge pustules, painful vesicules, eruptions with tendency to leave pock marks.
  COLDSExcess mucous with tendency to go into lungs. Gasps for breath, feels weak
Always spitting up mucous
  COUGHRattling, wheezing cough. Nonproductive cough, no expectoration;
seems to be drowning in own secretions; face cold, pale, bluish, with
cold sweat; Lethargy
  RESPIRATORYHoarseness, rattling, wheezing. Burning sensation in chest, which goes up to throat.
Bronchial tubes overwhelmed with mucous.
Rapid, short, difficult breathing. Feels might suffocate, must sit up.
Pulse rapid, weak.

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