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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Allium Cepa

Allium Cepa is from red onion. Remember the symptoms you get when slicing a strong onion?
Allium Cepa helps with symptoms of burning, watery eyes. Allium Cepa is helpful for colds, sinus problems, hayfever, allergies. Excess mucous from the nose. Discharge from the nose is acidic and makes the surrounding skin burn. 
Discharge from the eyes is bland. 
Keynote Summary:
Watery eyes
Frequent sneezing, excess mucous from the nose

Better from:open air, colder rooms

Worse from:evening, warmer rooms
cold, damp weather 

Allium Cepa
Useful for:Key Symptoms:
 ALLERGIESallergies when they have a tendency to go into the eyes causing watery eyes
Inner ear infections
Upper-respiratory infections
 COLDSExcess mucous from nose.
Discharge is acidic, burning surrounding skin, nostrils & upper lip become red & sore
bland discharge from eyes;
Spring colds
 COUGHFrom inhaling cold air;
painful, tearing sensation; grasps throat
 HAY FEVERProfuse watery discharge from eyes & nose
Burning, excess mucous
 HEADACHEDull pain, mostly in forehead
 LARYNGITISHoarseness, beginning laryngitis
SORE THROATBurning, smarting sensation

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