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Sunday, August 22, 2010


Chamomilla and childhood disorders go hand in hand.

I recommend every young parent have on hand Chamomilla and Pulsatilla.
Chamomilla can be a real godsend for parents with a Chamomilla constitution child.
Chamomilla children are those whiny, collicky kids that you just can't seem to make happy.

Dr. Charles Hempel called Chamomilla the "catnip of homeopathy".
Chamomilla is suited to children with light brown hair that throw temper tantrums.

Happy part of the day, but temperamental and explosive if frustrated.
If given the object they are yelling for, they are still dissatisfied.
The key to deciding to use Chamomilla is the child's emotional state.
For instance, use Chamomilla for infant teething and colic, when the child is irritable and restless.

A disposition that is calm and gentle or constipation to not indicated Chamomilla.

Keynote SummaryChildhood disorders
When ill, child has one cheek that is red and hot, the other cheek is pale and cool
Pain seems unbearable

Better from: being carried around constantly, cold applications, warm wet weather

Worse from:any pain, heat application, at night, open air or wind blowing on them
Useful for:Key Symptoms:
CHILDRENTeething with irritability, pain, diarrrhea.
Colic, earache,
Overly sensitive to illness and pain.
Snappy and contrary, yet like being carried.
Child feels hot, are worse with heat and in the evening up to midnight
When ill, one cheek is red and hot, the other cheek seems paler and cool.
COLICGripping gas pains, better with legs drawn up.
Flatulence. Abdomen is distended.
DIARRHEADuring dentition
Watery, slimy stools, like "chopped eggs and spinach"
EARACHEPain seems unbearable
Worse with heat
Ears feel as if they are plugged up
FEMALEMenses are clotted, dark blood.
Pains are cramping, colicky. Pain extends to thighs, back and chest.
Breast are tender, swollen. pain is intolerable.
FEVERIrritable, ugly temper, cantankerous, can't be pleased
One cheek is red and hot, the other pale and cold
GLANDSSwollen glands
INSONMIARestlessness in infants, children, women
TOOTHACHETeething when cold relieves pain
Teething with diarrhea
One cheek red and hot, the other pale and cool
Dental pain during pregnancy
PAINIntolerance of pain
fainting and/or sweating from pain
MENTALMental: Impatient, restless, irritable, snappish.
Whining, moaning when they don’t get their way.
Child can only be quieted when carried or held.
Extremely sensitive to pain, wants relief NOW.
Angry, especially if spoken to or looked at
Asks for things, then refuses them
Impatient, Angry

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